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Treatment Planning for Person-Centered Care: The Road to Mental Health and Addiction Recovery (P

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"Treatment Planning for Person-Centered Care puts the entire concept of individualized service planning into understandable language for all readers. The authors have captured the essence of active involvement of the persons served in the identification of needs (as well as strengths) and the development of a plan that will address those needs. This book is definitely in concert with and supports the CARF Behavioral Health standards, and would be an excellent resource to better understand how to move towards a person-centered assessment and planning process."-Nikki Migas, M.P.A., Managing Director, Behavioral Health Customer Service Unit, CARF. the Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission"This book encourages the field to turn a very important corner. It clarifies the goals and the processes that Mental Health and Alcohol/Drug systems presently need to focus on: joining with clients to help them enter/re-enter their communities and successfully exit the treatment systems. This book will help practitioners develop the necessary conceptual overview as well as individual components of service plans that will significantly enhance our clients' chances for real world success."-Ed Diksa, California Institute for Mental Health"The authors take what for many clinicians is irritating paperwork requirement, treatment planning, that is a diversion from their "real" work of therapy and turn it into a valuable tool. By placing the person, the client at the center of planning, Adams and Grieder take the reader step by step through a transforming process. They lead us to re-think whose goals we are trying to achieve in treatment. This book could precipitate many fruitful seminar discussions during clinical training."-Eric Goplerud, Ph.D., George Washington University Medical CenterTreatment Planning for Person-Centered Care is a process-oriented book, guiding therapists in how to engage clients in building collaborative treatment plans that result in better outcomes. Suitable as both a reference tool and as a text for pre-degree training programs, the book addresses the entire process of treatment, from assessment through outcome evaluation. The book is relevant to providers in all settings, with a practical approach and case examples throughout.About the authors: Neal Adams, MD, PhD is past president of the American College of Mental Health Administration and board certified in general psychiatry. Diane Grieder, M.Ed, has over 20 years experience consulting on improved mental health delivery systems. A prologue and epilogue are included by Dr. Wilma Townsend, a leading consumer advocate, consultant, and trainer in the field. * Enhance the reader's understanding of the value and role of treatment planning in responding to the needs of adults, children and families with mental health and substance abuse treatment needs* Build the skills necessary to provide quality, person-centered, culturally competent and recovery / resiliency-orientated care in a changing service delivery system* Provide readers with sample documents, examples of how to write a plan, etc.* Provide a text and educational tool for course work and training as well as a reference for established practioners* Assist mental health and addictive disorders providers / programs in meeting external requirements, improve the quality of services and outcomes, and maintain optimum reimbursement

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