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Architects and their Practices: A Changing Profession

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This book presents the results of a study of the profound changes which have occurred in architectural practice over the last twenty years and addresses the key aspects of the profession's response to change. It deals with changes in the building industry, changes in the role of the profession and the debate over design philosophies, showing how these turbulent circumstances have affected the growth and development of individual practices and the careers and methods of work of individual architects. It shows the impact of change on the design of particular projects and discusses the relationships between the architectural profession and its clients and collaborators. Practices studied in detail are: Roger Mears, Roger Stephenson, Ahrends Burton and Koralek, DEGW, Building Design Partnership, Hampshire County Council. Pentagon. Projects analysed include: Templeton College, Halifax Building Society and Docklands Light Railway Stations. A wealth of new information can be found in the results of a questionnaire survey, covering the views of a statistically significant cross-section of partners in architectural firms. Some of these observations are brought together in the context of specific projects, drawn from the work of the case study firms. Through this analysis of recent experience, the authors seek to establish a framework for understanding future changes. Major in-depth study into architectural practice Wealth of new information

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