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Native American Bolo Ties: Vintage and Contemporary Artistry

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This title is published in association with the Heard Museum. The bolo tie, also called a string tie, is a western necktie consisting of a piece of cord or braided leather with an ornamental clasp. While the exact origin of the bolo tie has been debated, its impact on western style and culture is without question. The bolo is the official neckwear of several states, including Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. Native American artisans in the Southwest began producing bolo ties in the mid-twentieth century, at the height of America's fascination with cowboy and western culture, and in response to tourist demand for finely crafted Native American jewellery. This publication is the first to showcase a wide variety of Native American made bolo ties produced in the Southwest over the past sixty years. Drawing from collector Norman L Sandfield's collection as well as pieces from the Heard Museum's permanent collections, Native American Bolo Ties presents over zoo examples of bolo ties, vintage and contemporary, primarily created by Zuni, Hopi and Navajo artists and silversmiths, among others, and incorporating a variety of styles, materials, and designs which exemplify the fine lapidary and silverwork that distinguish Native December jewellery. This book is published to coincide with an exhibition at the Heard Museum, Phoenix, Arizona, in December 2011.

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