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Winchester's Finest The Model 21

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The Model 21 is considered by many to be not only Winchester's finest gunmaking effort but also one of the finest American-made shotguns ever produced. Even in today's world of technological advances, the Model 21 is still considered a superior double after its 60-year production run. Its strength and reliability have no peer.&break;&break;In its determination to produce the finest double shotgun, Winchester made the Model 21 in numerous variations based on customer needs and wants. These variations are what make the Model 21 so mystical, unique and fun to collect. Starting with the "Production" years of 1930 to 1959 and ending with the "Custom-shop" years of 1960 to 1990, this book will help the reader sort through the estimated 30,000 Model 21s produced by looking at the history of the gun, the basic kinds of production techniques employed by Winchester in producing the Model 21, and many of its interesting features.&break;&break;According to the author, the Winchester Model 21 is something more than a perfectly built shotgun. It is "a double gun the represents the ideals and aspirations of the men who not only held a job at the Winchester plant, but who devoted their lives to making the finest firearms that could possibly be produced." There is no doubt that those dreams and aspirations produced a remarkable shotgun; truly Winchester's finest.

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