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The PC Pioneers

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‘The PC Pioneers’ looks at how the personal computer and Internet were developed. It celebrates the people rather than the products - the creative clusters, dynamic duos and inspiring individuals who created and evolved the personal computer – and just what an interesting group they were! How did it all come about? Was it Bill Gates and Steve Jobs who created the personal computer industry? Certainly their PR machines might lead you to believe that this was the case. And most of the press and literature would suggest that this was largely an American evolution. The PC Pioneers looks at how in fact progress was made right around the world. The catalyst was a Ukrainian, convict number N1442. He was beaten in KGB interrogations and sent to the Kolyma gulag work camp. But he made a remarkable comeback that generated such fear that the USA was moved unwittingly to fund the development of the Internet and the PC. The vital precursor to PCs was the microprocessor, first developed by Ray Holt, part Cherokee. But the project was a military secret and initially the MPU patent was granted to Gilbert Hyatt. The original designer of the mainframe was settled at law as being John Atanasoff and the French courts ruled that the personal computer was developed by François Gernelle. Heard of them? These are just some of the cast of over 1,000 PC innovators that are featured in ‘The PC Pioneers’. It’s packed cover to cover with stories of enthusiasms pursued, moments of serendipity, fortunes made and lost. It is a must-read for those who use their products and programs and for those considering launching their own bid to become a PC billionaire! The book has four sister websites -,, and - these combine to create a superb resource for those studying computer science. is a wiki site so that any contributor can add, comment and review the material so that it stays fresh and current. 'The PC Pioneers' as a book will be regularly updated by this material to remain your essential reference source.

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