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ChessHeads Deck Builder by Wizergames Made in USA Fun For All Ages

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ChessHeads is the trading card game that you can play with any chess set. ChessHeads transforms the ancient game of chess into an explosive adventure -- complete with fireballs, multi-dimensional vortexes and other-worldly creatures -- a struggle for your very existence on the chessboard! Even if you're a chess veteran, -- and within just minutes of opening your very first ChessHeads Deck Builder box -- the power of the cards will launch you into a quest for survival that you never dreamed possible! Set against a backdrop that bridges our human world with the Qualwirld dimension, ChessHeads is the new Trading Card Game that you'll enjoy playing against any opponent, from day one! ... think yur game? Every ChessHeads Deck Builder box holds 30 randomly assorted cards from this set of 121 ChessHeads cards (Edition 1a), 2 sheets of full-color Entigy tokens for use as resource in the game, and 1 fold-out rules sheet complete with glossary, card checklist, and a story-line introduction. Play ChessHeads using your ChessHeads cards and any ordinary chess set.

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