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GOOGLEONOMICS introduces the reader to the subject of economics and how it applies to real internet world situations. Case interviews and articles in each chapter illustrate specific topics such as the internet engines crisis, economic growth in the digital world, internet ads cutting, the shift from capitalism to freedom and democracy to neoconservatives, how environmental issues like global warming affect the new economy,... The author introduces the fundamental questions, institutional details, and a review of the microeconomic theory underlying the role of the public sector. He develops the theory of public views and comments applies the theory to "Where Do We Go from Here?" of public expenditure in the United States. He also, repeats this pattern presenting the theory of thanks with respect and... Today television and movie videos expected to perform well can flop, whilst independent videos with low budgets can be wildly successful. In this superb new book, Perkins casts his expert eye over all aspects of the internet business and presents some intriguing conclusions. This book represents the first study in the literature that provides a systematic, US-wide analysis of local world-high technology connections at the lowest possible level of spatial aggregation. The author ultimate aim "to transformed democracy from and to bring the community into the mainstream of America life as quickly as possible to the World Wide Web". An update of the quick and easy guide to learning the principles of economics. Between the daily barrage of economic indicators and the constant fluctuation of everything from vlogger, blogger, digital books, internet-protocol television to the founder fathers of neoconservatives, a solid grounding in the basics of economics has only become more vital in forty years. This updated introduction to the subject provides exactly that. A Strong Buy!

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