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GCSE Geography for WJEC B

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This revised course is designed to help your students develop the abilities required to achieve exam success for the new WJEC GCSE Geography Specification B. Develop students' geographical investigative and analytical skills with activities that use real-place data, maps, photographs and ICT resources Provides case studies of real places at different scales and at different levels of development Extends students' learning and helps them to research geography in greater depth with 'Going Further' information and activities Encourages students to use their understanding of geographical processes and patterns to predict what might happen in the future with 'Geography Futures' WJEC Specification B is a direct development of the popular Avery Hill course and retains its issue-based, investigative approach to geography. It is based around three themes: 1. Challenges of living in a built environment 2. Physical processes and relationships between people and environment 3. Uneven development and sustainable environments. ContentsTheme 1 - Challenges of Living in a Built EnvironmentChapter 1: Variation in quality of life and access to housingChapter 2: Access to services and changing service provisionChapter 3: UrbanisationChapter 4: Planning issues in built environmentsChapter 5: Rural change and planning issuesTheme 2 - Physical Processes and Relationships between People and EnvironmentsChapter 1: Weather and climateChapter 2: EcosystemsChapter 3: The issue of desertificationChapter 4: River processes and landformsChapter 5: Coastal processes and coastal managementTheme 3 - Uneven Development and Sustainable EnvironmentsChapter 1: Employment structures and opportunitiesChapter 2: The location of economic activitiesChapter 3: Economic activity and the environmentChapter 4: DevelopmentChapter 5: Development issues and waterChapter 6: Interdependence Glossaries also available online at Vocab Express, an interactive learning application. Visit for more information.

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