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Crushing State's Sovereignty: Iraq Project

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Crushing state's sovereignty is a full scale project that needs different means and tools from media to military intervention if needed in its final end. In the case of Iraq; many things were told and done, facts and rumours, to serve certain agenda. A lot was written to cover certain part of the story, nobody dared to fit the pieces of the puzzle together to sight the final picture of the Iraqi scene, which this book intends to do. This intention is dedicated to being an "insider" who witnessed the whole scenario on Iraq. Only this time, I will leave the choice for the reader to decide who is to be blamed for the catastrophic consequences over millions of Iraqi people, and the chaotic and conflictual feedback inflicted on the international relations and management. Let alone the potential insecure extensions of Iraqi situation to the whole Middle East region in its final end. This book is a good example for the chain reaction practiced by great powers on a state to dissolve its sovereignty, and on the way these powers take advantage of the UN system to protect its strategic interests and maintain its security agenda. The book analyzes key events along the last twenty years (1990-2010) such as; the war on Iraq (1991) that officially dates the end of the Cold War and the beginning of new era of unipolarity, the invasion of Iraq (2003) that dates the collapse of international collective efforts to maintain international peace and security and post US invasion (2003-2010).

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