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Platinum Essays in the Philosophy of Applied Economics of Development: Theories, Techniques and

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The primary objective of this book, PLATINUM ESSAYS IN THE PHILOSOPHY OF APPLIED ECONOMICS OF DEVELOPMENT, is to present in a clear, cognizable and concise format, topics of major significance in modern economic development. This presentation is focused upon Nigeria, Africa and the world as measured, shifting concentric epicenters of economic growth and development. The author, Professor Herbert Onye Orji in this and in his four previous books, has maintained a lucid, creative substance and style of writing. Initially, he states the underlying philosophy of applied economic development in each major essay topic. He then proceeds on a parallel basis with a lucid descriptive and numero-graphic analysis of the theory, employing case studies in some instances. Professor Orji's extensive summary research reports on economic issues of global significance including sections such as George Soros and New Paradigm Shifts in the Money and Capital Markets, Endless Struggles with Boom-Bust Cycles; The Paradox of Sovereign Credit Ratings; Regional Banking and Economic Development in Africa & Asia; Foreign Direct & Portfolio Investments in Africa; Cross Border Investor Protection & Global Capital Markets Integrity; Millennium Development Goals and The Nigerian Capital Market; Building Effective PPPs for Infrastructural Services Development; The USA Securities and Exchange Commission's Power and Influence on the Global Economy; Project Finance for Large Scale Plantation Agriculture, Aircraft and Ocean-going Vessels (Separate research reports & essays); and Harmonization of Regulatory Framework Towards Enhancing the Reliability of Financial Reports, have won accolades and admiration from policy makers, international and multilateral institutions, academia and major research centers in Nigeria, throughout Africa, Asia, Western Europe, Canada and the United States. It is partly as result of this positive resonance that the author d

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