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International Business Education Development

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Business schools, one after the other, are either developing new courses with an international focus or incorporating international materials into existing courses. As the internationalization process continues, pedagogical concerns such as course content, teaching approach, student evaluation, and course improvement are at center stage. International Business Education Development addresses these concerns, offers you suggestions for program development or enhancement, and stresses the importance of educating business school students with a global perspective. Chapters in International Business Education Development will help you better prepare your students to compete in a global work environment. You will learn how to change your program to ensure students reach levels of global competency through chapters that: examine the need for universities to take a coordinated approach in internationalizing their hospitality and tourism curricula explore and evaluate various approaches that have been taken by institutions from around the world in their efforts to internationalize their programs present a model which can be used to design a fully integrated business curriculum explain a mission-based approach to internationalization which focuses efforts on faculty development, curriculum enhancement, cross-cultural training, and international and domestic linkages with businesses and other universities examine the added importance of internationalization efforts at universities located in rural areas where many of the faculty and students generally lack exposure to other cultures and business practices forecast how the international business curriculum will appear in the early 21st century present an overview of the internationalization of the business curriculum at the undergraduate and graduate levels in SingaporeYou can apply the findings and suggestions in International Business Education Development to your own program as you evaluate how well you are preparing your students to compete in an increasingly international marketplace.

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