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How Entrepreneurs Do What They Do: Case Studies in Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurship

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How Entrepreneurs Do What They Do presents 13 case studies of knowledge intensive entrepreneurship. The book focuses on 'doing', in essence, what happens when entrepreneurs are engaging practically in venture creation processes.Case studies can be used as a key element in learning and understanding what really occurs, as well as for illustrating theoretical points. This insightful book provides a series of in-depth case studies of knowledge intensive entrepreneurship from different industries to elucidate relevant phenomena and topics. They focus upon the venture creation process, involving close interactions between the individual, the company, and the external eco-system and environment. The cases primarily provide a managerial perspective on the process, from the sources of ideas, through opportunities and strategies, to outcomes and interactions with external networks.This enriching book will be relevant to academics and practitioners, as well as advanced students. The suggestions for further reflections can be used as inspiration for class discussions, Master thesis projects, academic research projects or stimulating successful entrepreneurship.Contributors: A.-S. Axelsson, R. Bekkers, L. Bordoli, J. Brink, O. Broberg, M.M. Godinho, J. Laage-Hellman, A.H. Lassen, D. Ljungberg, R. Mamede, M. McKelvey, C.R. Østergaard, E. Park, A. Rosa, G. Sjöblom, D. Slepniov, S. Szücs, B. Timmermans, B.V. Waehrens, O. Zaring, Y. Zhu

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