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IVUS Made Easy

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Although this superb guide cannot replace the basic hands-on skills acquired in the cath lab, which require extensive training in interventional cardiology, IVUS Made Easy nonetheless provides a comprehensive introduction to coronary imaging with intravascular ultrasound. Written by experienced investigators from the Cleveland Clinic, dedicated to imaging of coronary atherosclerosis, IVUS Made Easy consists of a brief, practical text and corresponding illustrated IVUS images, undoubtedly making it a valuable source of reliable, useful information. Based on the previously published Atlas and Manual of Coronary Intravascular Ultrasound, this easy-to-use guide includes an expanded description of practical aspects of IVUS, as well as additional information in short case presentations. As such, it is clearly a highly useful resource for clinicians involved in the performance and interpretation of IVUS for coronary artery disease, including the assessment of ambiguous angiographic findings and the guidance of percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), as well as emerging applications like the detection and serial observation of atherosclerotic plaque burden in atherosclerosis progression-regression trials.

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