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Elaboration and Critical Analysis of Approaches for Measuring Transparency on Real Estate Market

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Diploma Thesis from the year 2007 in the subject Economics / Business: General, grade: 1,5, European Business School - International University Schloß Reichartshausen Oestrich-Winkel (Real Estate Management Institute), 100 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: Currently, numerous discussions are taking place concerning transparency in economic, financial and business sectors. Access to information is a prerequisite for efficient and developed economic markets. It enables market participants to analyse their macro-environment, monitor and to evaluate competitors and events. This function allows markets to alter with the aim to improve economic and social welfare. In real estate markets transparency is a prerequisite for investment and attracting foreign investors. The functioning of markets and the free flow of information can reduce principle-agent problems, and assure a more efficient allocation of resources in economic and financial, as well as political markets. The real estate market was once perceived to be restricted and not accessible from the outside, as each country applied individual peculiar rules, had opaque market structures and depended primarily on domestic capital. Still, the lack of transparency is a key feature of the real estate market. However, transparency has improved in recent years around the world and is expected to improve in the future. This is due to the efforts of academic institutions, research organizations, brokers, con-sultants, banks, the emergence of the Internet and so on. Real estate markets are still fragmented, even though the trend is towards convergence and markets are pressured to disclose information in the course of increasing competition of markets on a global level. The aim of the thesis is to analyse approaches that measure the transparency of real es-tate markets and to compile a concept of transparency components. The components are to be applied for the German, the United States (US) and the

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