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Made In USA: Music From the Original 1986 Motion Picture Soundtrack

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This previously unreleased soundtrack was commissioned from Sonic Youth back in 1986. A couple of hipsters editing a movie used songs from Sonic Youth's Evol on their temporary soundtrack, and the director agreed to let the band score the whole film. A good portion of Sonic Youth's music didn't make the final cut, but thanks to Rhino, it's all available here for the first time ever. There is little singing on this record; most of the "songs" are the kind of mood/noise pieces that this band executes so easily. Several have nice catchy chord progressions and indicate that even in the group's earlier and more experimental and noisy days, it knew the value of a good hook. The music doesn't reveal itself as completely and easily as in Sister, making it far more gratifying. There is mystery here, and to fully appreciate it, imagination is required. --Adem Tepedelen

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