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Footherapy (12 Packets of 3oz.) 3 Ounces

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For Relief From Discomforts Of Corns And Calluses And Hot, Tired, Aching Feet. Give your feet daily hygienic "doctor's care"  in your own home with Footherapy foot slats, a combination of concentrated minerals similar to those found in the waters of many famous natural health spas.  Treat painful corns and calluses without "razor blade" surgery, as Footherapy helps to soften, loosen and flake away dry, scaly tissue.  A special buffer included in this box, helps you get rid of the dead dry skin of corns and calluses.  After just one treatment, your feet will feel healthy, rested and cool... pain and odor-free. Contains 3 complete treatments plus buffer. Another fine product from Queen Helene. Made in USA

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