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Commando Precision Pocket Optical Eyeglass Screwdriver with Double Ended Flat Screwdriver Blade

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SCREWDRIVER with 4 ASSORTED EMERGENCY EYE GLASS REPAIR SCREWS, to fit most eye glasses, stored inside separate small tube to prevent spilling. Handle (utilized as holder to store screwdriver blade inside to help prevent loss) has Non-Slip Finger Grip surface on body, chuck nut and cap to aid in removing or replacing blades and for positive control during tool use. Handle and screws fit inside plastic tube for easy storage in purse or pocket and square tube prevents rolling. Simply loosen chuck nut to reverse blade. Special cap helps prevent blade rattle. All machined parts are plated or made of materials to help prevent rust & corrosion. Made In USA (Des. Pat. No. D407,289) [CA65]

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