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AmCells Electronic Doctor Scale 500 Lb Capacity, Made in USA

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Medical Scale for Kids and Adults Weigh s Accurately U p to 500 Lbs. This AmCells economical weight scale is a bath scale that accurately weighs children through obese adults up to 500 pounds or 226 kilograms. Use this sturdy all metal electronic digital scale as a medical scale in health clinics or weight loss centers or use at home as a bathroom scale. Buy American: All AmCells Scales are Made in California, USA. Amcells WWS 500 Pound Digital Scale: Sturdy all metal scale Electronic weight scale Post mounted digital weight read out. Larger weighing base for easier use by those with larger feet, balance problems or obesity. 500 pound capacity for monitoring weight loss, obesity, and morbid obesity. Affordable for use as a medical scale, physician scale, fitness club scale or even a bathroom scale. Rugged enough for use as a heavy duty sports scale for football, wrestling, sports gyms and more. Stainless steel scale top design, easily removable for cleaning. This medical scale has a remote indicator display. The one piece membrane keypad is mounted in a separate aluminum box. The digital scale display connects to the platform via a 6' cable. The weight display mounts on a 40" high post. Large (0.6" height) red LED 6 digit display. Push button zero with automatic zero tracking. Full range, separate LED Tare indicator. Self diagnostics at power up for circuitry and display segments Lb/Kg conversion Dimensions: Platform: 18"(L) x 14"(W) x 4"(H) Post: 40" high Remote Indicator: 10.75"(L) x 4"(W) x 5" tilted in stand Indicator Cable: 6' Leveling Feet: All four feet adjustable, bubble level built in. High Accuracy: 5000 Counts Readability: WWS-250: +/- 0.05 lb/0.02 Kg WWS-500: +/- 0.1 lb/0.05 Kg WWS-750: +/- 0.15 lb/0.1 Kg Power Supply: AC/DC Adapter (included). Optional power: rechargeable nickel cadmium batteries or 6 AA dry cells Net Weight: 28 lbs. Option: Scale carrying bag. Place for pole, clip board and scale. Limited on

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