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G loomis Classic Spin Jig Fishing Rod SJR722 Gl3

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A real bass fisherman never, but never, admitted using a spinning rod, unless it was for panfish, and even then it was iffy. But times are CHANGING and so are techniques. First out of the closet were the die-hard smallmouth anglers. They favored the spinning rod because they used lighter line and smaller lures to fool those super cautious brown bass. Then, as finesse fishing came into play, more and more anglers found the spinning rod to be the PERFECT SOlUTION for the clear water lakes where spotted bass and smallmouths abound. The only negative was nobody ever really offered the nice, fast-action rods that the casting crowd enjoyed. That was until we introduced the Spin Jig Series. It's the unique blend of DYNAMIC tapers and super-sensitive materials that helped make these the rod of choice for serious light line anglers. Grubs, small worms, hair jigs, split shot rigs, "mojo" rigs... you name it, the spin jig rod is a great option. This is our most popular warmwater spinning rod. It boasts a fast action and a strong tip, giving you plenty of versatility for fishing a variety of lures and live baits. Best paired with 10-pound line, this is an excellent choice for fishing long-A's or Rapalas, as well as 1/4-ounce lead-heads for swimming salt grubs. It's also a good rod for 4-inch "Texas-style" worm rigs or tube jigs. There's plenty of power to set the hook, and it handles big fish extremely well, yet it's light enough to enjoy smaller-size fish, no problem. If you prefer spinning rods, you'll appreciate the accuracy and flexibility this rod offers. This rod has a nice, light, dynamic taper giving you a lot of versatility for a number of different applications.. It fishes best with 8-pound line, but will handle 6 or 10-pound just fine. If you prefer spinning to casting, this is your rod. It's an excellent choice for fishing -ounce jigs, tubes and grubs. There' s plenty of power to set the hook, and it handles big fish extremely

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