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DeGERM-inator (TM) "Dual-Wave" Portable UV Inspection & Disinfection Lamp

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This dual wave-length portable, battery operated and ac adaptable UV lamp contains the unique, patented Spectroline MiniMAX technology. The combination of our proprietary 5 watt, dual wave length 365nm and 254nm UV tube with our patented reflector, brought together in one lamp, delivers unsurpassed UV power, illumination and reflected irradiance in a pocket sized package. Designed, engineered and assembled in the USA, this dual-wavelength lamp affords all the usefulness of a top quality UV black light with the security and peace of mind of a state-of-the-art UV sanitizer to protect from germs wherever you may be. Use it in the home nursery, kitchen, bath or sickroom , at your desk in the office especially if you share a space and when you travel. Also for laboratory uses, hobbyists, collectors, health inspectors, forensic sciences, minerology and many other applications. Included ac adapter, travel pouch and manufacturer's warranty.

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