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2" X 20' Nylon Recovery Strap / Tow Strap with Cordura Eyes, Made in USA

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Its important to note the difference between recovery straps and tow straps. Tow straps are made of polyester and should not be used to recover stuck vehicles. High-performance recovery straps from US Cargo Control are made from industrial grade nylon webbing, which has a higher stretch value than polyester and therefore can be used as BOTH a tow strap and recovery strap. It is essential for the strap to stretch so the memory of the nylon webbing will help "snap" the vehicle unstuck and take some of the shock out of the initial pull. We recommend choosing a strap with a break strength that is 2 times the weight of the vehicle you are trying to tow or recover. To attach your strap, wrap it around an appropriate frame point on the stuck vehicle, and thread the strap through the eye of the other end to choke the frame. The vehicle doing the towing or recovering should have the appropriate hardware (like a shackle) on which you can securely attach the strap. (Be sure that the break strength of your shackle is higher than that of the strap.) To ensure the safety of our customers, straps from US Cargo Control contain Red Alert Yarns. These red yarns are sewn into the body of the webbing to give a warning if the strap has worn down or weakened. When the Red Alert Yarns start to show, the load bearing yarns have become compromised, meaning the strap is no longer fit for use. The eyes of our recovery straps are reinforced with a highly abrasion-resistant fabric called Cordura. Eyes made with nylon alone can wear down quickly from rubbing up against tow hooks and shackles which contain barbs and other imperfections. That's why we lace tough Cordura fabric inside the eyes of our straps, to extend the product's life and prevent damage at the straps' wear points. So don't wait until after your vehicle is stuck to order - Have a quality recovery strap from US Cargo Control on hand, and be prepared with the best strap on the market for towing and recovery applications.

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