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Dramm 17005 ColorStorm Premium 50-Foot-by-5/8-Inch Rubber Garden Hose, Blue

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Dramm Colorstorm Premium Rubber Hose Looking for a great quality hose that offers lasting usage and performance? If yes, then Dramm Colorstorm Premium Rubber Hose is what you need. When selecting a garden hose for domestic watering requirements, it is crucial to choose one which is able to deal with the environment that it is being used is and also boasts of great quality. Our range of garden hoses are deigned to do just that! This collection will help first-time gardeners as well as the seasoned ones to find great quality hoses to fits their individual requirements. Product Features: This hose resists kinking. Coils easily even in cold weather. It is crush proof and has nickel-plated coupling. Item Specifications: Color: Berry Blue Green Orange Yellow Dimensions: 0.63'' W x 600'' D

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