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All Is Made Beautiful: Native American Traditions With Warrior Woman Oh Shinnah Fast Wolf

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Meet Oh Shinnah Fast Wolf, the internationally renowned Warrior Woman and elder of the Apache People. Longbefore the Green movement, Native Americans knew how to care for Mother Earth and her inhabitants. In thisentertaining and educational film, Oh Shinnah demonstrates powerful yet easy-to-follow practices such as smudging,feathering, and food blessing. These ancient rituals will help you to: Reduce stress and anxiety in your life Center yourself and connect to those around you Take charge and protect this planet for many generations to comeOh Shinnah also reveals what she considers her most important work today: The Journey of the Waters, a sacredpilgrimage following the Apache trail of purification and transformation. Once a year, she and her most trustedstudent, Deep Arrow Woman, take an international group of non-native men and women on this journey through themystical mountains and healing waters of New Mexico and Colorado. The participants utilize the healing power ofnature to transform their lives. This truly is Ancient Wisdom for Modern People.The documentary also features Nuclear Scientist and Astrophysicist Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher, who validatesmultiple Native traditions from the scientific point of view.

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