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Bring It Up! Instant Face Lift! 16 pr

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Contains: 16 Pairs of Brow Lifts &16 Pairs of Neck LiftsOpen up the eyes. Tighten and tone the neckline. Instant Results/Transparent/Easy to Use.Fool Mother Nature Instantly!Drooping of the eyebrows, neck and chin are some of the earliest and most recognizable signs of aging. Sagging eyebrows and forehead skin can falsely create an image of anger or exhaustion on a person' face. Bring It Up™ Instant Face Lifts open up tired, droopy eyes and help smooth out crows feet. They can instantly tighten and tone a sagging neckline. No more searching for turtlenecks and scarves to hide an aging neckline.This product has helped many women of all ages achieve a more refreshed and well rested appearance. The hypoallergenic, clear adhesive lifts are virtually undetectable but they aren't invisible. Your hairstyle will camouflage the lifts . . .not make-up. With only a little bang and at least an inch of hair behind the ear. . . no one will know you have them on.Made in USA

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