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Zeva Austrian Crystal Nail File - Stops Splitting, Peeling and Cracking, and Removes Excess Cuti

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Zeva's Austrian Crystal File is an all-natural fingernail file, made in the USA, from extremely fine crystals that gently shapes and completely smoothes nail tips and removes dry skin around the nails. Regular use seals the tips of your fingernails and toenails, strengthening them and promoting healthy nail growth. The rounded ends of Zeva's Austrian Crystal File are specifically designed to gently push back and erase excess cuticle. Regular use of Zeva's Austrian Crystal File will help eliminate splitting, chipping and peeling nails. Regular use strengthens nails and promotes healthy growth. Filing can be done in both directions without any damage to your nails. Normal activities, such as gardening, doing the dishes, showering and hand-washing, expose your nails to water and stresses. These stresses cause microscopic cracks on the tips of your fingernails. Over time, a few days to a week, these cracks will deepen and weaken the nail tip. To eliminate the damage caused by these daily stresses, it is recommended to gently file your fingernails and remove these tiny cracks. If you have thin, weak nails, this should be done every day. Thicker nails, less often. Both ends of the Austrian Crystal File are rounded and more abrasive. The rounded part is designed specifically to push back the cuticle. Then, hold the file like a pencil and use the more abrasive part to gently erase away any excess, dry skin and cuticle. Simple, easy-to-use and very effective. Robust. May be placed in your dishwasher to sterilize, when necessary. Sold with a protective carrying case.

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