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Karamalz Classic (Non Alcohoic Malt Beverage)330ml/bottle;6x4 Bottle/case

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KARAMALZ is non-alcoholic, contains no artificial additives and is made exclusively from pure water, malt, hops and caramelised sugar. Thanks to its natural combination of important vitamins, vital minerals, trace elements and glucose, KARAMALZ is the ideal naturally healthy, vitalising beverage for young and old.

Karamalz is made exclusively out of natural ingredients. These include high-quality barley and wheat malt, corn sugar, hops, caramelised sugar and pure brew water. Similar to apple and grape juice, Karamalz contains only 0.2% alcohol by volume and thus has no measurable physiological effect on humans, making it a non-alcoholic beverage.

Likewise Karamalz is high in nutritional value and low in calories. With 46 kcal per 100ml - about the same as orange or multi vitamine juices - Karamalz contains about 1/3 less calories than grape juice or even milk!

With its valuable vitamine B complex supplied by yeast, as well as its vitally important minerals and trace elements, Karamalz is an important nutrient and energy provider. The Karamalz Fresh variant contains additional vitamine C, strengthening the body's own defense mechanisms.

The vitalising effect on body and soul makes Karamalz an important contribution to a healthy and well-balanced diet and lifestyle. Karamalz supplies the body with essential vital materials and high-quality nutrients, making it an ideal sport drink - as established by many sport physicians.

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