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Vitamin Soap Nano Silver Skin Remedy

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Our airless pump lasts 75+ days if used daily....75ml/2.5oz Simple to apply liquid formula.

It's incredible for shaving bikini, legs, underarm and face.
Ideal for dry, normal or oily skin types. Visible results in 2 days.
Natural ingredients Made in USA

Vitamin Soap is a nano silver skin remedy that deep cleans pores to promote ultra healthy skin on your entire body. It is eco-friendly and made with sustainable ingredients. For over 2000 years, silver has been known to promote healthy skin. We overloaded our patent pending formula with vitamins and antioxidant rich ingredients. We use a proprietary delivery system that leaves on ingredients that can reduce pore size, diminish wrinkles and tighten your skin. We're way beyond simple exfoliation. Your skin will be soft and smooth. Use it to remove makeup, cleanes and those monthly breakouts can be reduced. Use it for shaving everywhere and you'll see less razor burn, less bumps and fewer ingrown hairs. Get all these benefits with no paraben, no alcohol, no animal ingredients, cruelty free, no perfumes and no steroids.

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