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Thought Out Stabile 2.0 iPad Stand - Black

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Since January 2012 the production of the Stabile iPad (2.0) second generation has proven its changes that include new features like fully protective wrapped holding pad locations and improved non-skid black feet, both of which the design came from the Stabile PRO Pivoting iPad Stand model. Made with an unique engineered shape and solid steel for weight and strength (1/8" thick), the Stabile 2.0 iPad Stand is an artistic structure that is extremely stable even with a weight reduction (30%) from its predecessor. One of the technical challenges we accomplished is lowering the center of gravity (CG) with your iPad in place. Lowering the CG in combination with the weight of the steel allowed us to give you the iPad feel required for our Stabile 2.0 iPad Stand. Designed for easy daily use, that is why it works without or with a case or skin in portrait or landscape, while also looking attractive. Keyboard, iPad and case not included. Is not recommended for iPad Mini - see our other recommended products.

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