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Affordable LED Sign - Programmable Scrolling Message Board 15"x40" - Red

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Great Investment For Your Business! This Money Making Mach1ine Constantly Displays Graphics, Videos, Images, Time And Your Own Messages, Even During The Day When The Sign Is Exposed To Strong Sunlight. Finally Catches the Customers' Attention, Brings Them Into Your Store Among Others! Imagine Your Business Ad Messages on this LED Sign, On For 24/7, Working Hard For You! [SPECIFICATIONS] Color: 1 Color Brightness: 2500 - 8000 nits(adjust 1-10 level) Viewing Distance: 50ft ~ 1000ft Memory: 100 slots x 512 = 51,200 Letters Lifespan: 100,000 hours(approx. 10yrs) Humidity: 0-95% Waterproof: Yes Operating Temp.: -13F ~ 113F Input power: AC 110V Energy consumption: 40w~80w Operation: Infra-red remote controller(100' working range) [PRODUCT DESCRIPTION] -Real Time Clock & Date -Stop-watch -Adjustable Letter width -Multi Language -Animating Icons -8 Fonts -Special Characters -Symbols -Icons -Timer On/ Off -5 Min Installation Package -Images -Neon Tubing Effect -Adjustable 10 Level Brightness -1 or 2 Line Message -Adjustable Message Display Speed -Lifespan 10 years -Save Messages, Display Selectively -Create Your Messages upto 100 -Low Energy consumption [TRANSITION EFFECTS] -AUTOMATIC -DRAMA -GATHERING -TORNADO -TO APPEAR -BEAM -TO PASS -SCROLL -HURRICANE -LENS -BY COLOR *5 Min. Easy Installation Kit Included. *Worry free Shipping Insurance Included *Waterproof treated by High Quality Dow Corning silicone **1 Year Full warranty + 2 Year limited (Factory labor only) warranty * Made in USA To find more size & color, Please visit our store

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