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Sephra Premium Milk Chocolate

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Sephra Premium Milk Chocolate is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth and is guaranteed to produce a perfect, flawless curtain of sweet, delicious melted chocolate. Sephra Premium Milk Chocolate is also great for baking.   Sephra Chocolate Fountains is the leading chocolate fountain manufacturer in the world. Sephra chocolate fondue fountains are known by food service professionals around the world for superior quality, features, and unmatched customer support. Sephra's determination to create the best chocolate fountains in the industry has made it the pioneer in the innovation of the chocolate fountain. Unlike other chocolate fountain manufacturers that make a variety of unrelated products, Sephra has the capacity and capability to create precision-engineered chocolate fountains that are superior to the competition in every way, setting the standard of quality and reliability for the rest to follow.   Chocolate Melting Notice: Despite every effort to prevent your chocolate from melting during the shipping process, exposure to warm climates may cause your chocolate to arrive melted. Please remember that this does not change the quality, or usability of the chocolate. To use the melted chocolate, simply re-melt the chocolate and use as normal. Please note that chocolate cannot be returned or refunded once shipped.   How Much Chocolate Do I Need?   20 guests or less:  4 lbs. 20 - 50 guests:  8 lbs. 50 - 100 guests:  12 lbs. 100 - 150 guests:  16 lbs. 150 - 200 guests:  20 lbs.   Don't forget to order skewers! Rich milk chocolate flavor. Made specially for chocolate fountains & fondue. Also great for baking and confectionary needs. Kosher Dairy (OK Kosher Certified). Made in the USA. Pure chocolate - no extra ingredients needed. Chocolate is in chip form. Comes in 2-lb. microwavable-safe bags. Available in 4-lb. box or 20-lb. case.

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