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POOF-Slinky 770BL POOF 4-Inch Pro Mini Foam Soccer Ball, Assorted Colors

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The POOF-Slinky 770BL POOF 4-Inch Pro Mini Foam Soccer Ball provides a safe and fun way to teach your child how to play soccer or kick while having tons of outside fun in the yard, pool or indoors. The 4-inch ball is molded to look just like a real soccer ball, fits small hands perfectly and is durable enough to kick around in the backyard or on the playing field. This colorful, lightweight, soft and spongy ball is great for developing hand-eye coordination and can be used to play a number of ball related games. POOF foam balls have become the preferred choice by teachers for their students during indoor and outdoor school sport activities. POOF's 4-Inch Pro Mini Foam Soccer Ball is made in the U.S.A., comes in a variety of bright colors and makes a great gift for any young child that enjoys sports. POOF continues to be the leading manufacturer of foam sport balls and a frontrunner in flying, water and activity toys that create lasting childhood memories. The POOF-Slinky 770BL POOF 4-Inch Pro Mini Foam Soccer Ball is recommended for children 5-years of age and older. POOF-Slinky is the manufacturer of the world famous Slinky and the top selling POOF foam sport balls in North America, both manufactured in Plymouth, MI and Hollidaysburg, PA. Ideal and Scientific Explorer are other well-known brands, rounding out the POOF-Slinky family. With roots in the toy industry for over 100-years, POOF-Slinky brands continue to grow and broaden. New generations of kids, their parents and grandparents have proven that classic toys never go out of style!

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