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RediRad-FM Modulator/Car Radio Adapter for iPod / MP3 / CD / Sirius-XM Radio players

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The high-quality, American made RediRad-FM allows you to listen to any modern portable music player whether it's an iPod, CD player, Satellite Radio, or any other device that has a standard headphone jack. There is never any outside interference because the RediRad seamlessly routes music from your portable media player into your car's factory radio and bypasses the antenna. To install the RediRad, connect to vehicle power at the fuse panel, then "tee" the RediRad's coaxial cables between the radio's antenna socket and the vehicle's antenna cable. Tune the radio to FM 91.1, plug the RediRad's audio cable into your media player's headphone socket. Use the radio to adjust music volume and enjoy! The RediRad's compact package hides easily behind the dashboard and out of sight to help you preserve the factory appearance of your car, truck, or boat. RediRad has a 60 day Money-Back Guarantee.

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