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Slovenia Usa: Slovenian Music Made in America

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Slovenian musicians settling in America have long brought their skills, their songs and their inextinguishable joie de vivre with them. Listeners from Ljubljana to LA have been dazzled by these sounds: Perclarska Polka; Jaka Na St. Clairu; Poster Tanc; Trboveljska; Empajris; Mazulinka Hoyer Trio; Gor Cez Jezero; Ciciban; Se Kikeljco Prodala Bom; Prodana Nevesta; Zagorski Zvonovi Anton Schubel; V Slovo; Cingel-Congel; Selsko Veselje; Lunca Je Videla; Lovec; Pastircek; Slovenski Pesmi; Micka Mary Udovich & Josephine Lausche 59 tracks!

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