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Milking Stool Maple Stain (Made in the USA)

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Imagine a wooden step stool that will serve for the rest of life and help you that extra amount you need to get up to something that is out of your reach. Built right. What a delight! Is it a real milk stool but it is a funny name. This is the handy stool that helps out with many different uses. Sit down and put your shoes on, changing a light bulb and the list goes on. It will be a constant helper for you and keeps you off the floor! We all need a helper like this right?

It is domestic red oak, adds warmth to any room, not industrial or commercial looking it looks good. It starts with good quality materials, one-inch thick materials and good craftsmanship. It will be a good valuable tool for the house for many years to come.

This is a quality step stool you won't find in stores. Hand sanded, handcrafted, made with care, stained with a maple stain & made in the USA.

A Kirk Rogers Design & Invention.

Kirk Rogers an American Inventor that has made his living creating ideas for musical instruments, book holders, sports equipment and kitchen display racks.

Feel free to contact me about any idea you would like made.

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