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Professional Custom Teeth Tooth Whitening Trays. Includes 4 XL 10cc Syringes of 16% Gel. Order D

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Dental lab direct custom teeth whitening trays and 4 XL 10cc syringes of professional dental strength 16% teeth whitening gels. Dentists recommend custom tray teeth whitening over other whitening methods. Custom trays ensure complete tooth coverage and even(not blotchy) teeth whitening effects. Now ordering dental lab direct not only makes custom tray teeth whitening the most effective way to whiten teeth but now the most affordable and cost effective way to professionally whiten! SIMPLE 4 STEP PROCESS: 1) We ship a teeth impression kit and very easy to follow teeth impression instructions. 2) You take your upper and lower teeth impressions. 3) You mail back your teeth impressions to our dental lab with the included pre paid and pre addressed mailer. 4) We fabricate and mail back custom fit teeth whitening trays in your choice of color carrying case(selected when mailing back your impression)!

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