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Steel Flat Washer, Black Oxide Finish, 1-1/8" Hole Size, 0.203" ID, 0.813" OD, 0.141" Nominal Th

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Dress Countersunk Washers are designed for standard 82 degree flat head bolts and screws. The countersunk Inner Diameter allows the screw to mount flush in the washer, presenting a safe and good looking joint. Designed for hand wheels, cranks, and any moving part that is on the outside of a product, the washer spreads the load from the joint across a wider area, and presents a safe and secure fastening. Manufactured on Lathes, these fully machined and finished parts are more industrial component than flat washer. The line accepts standard screws from number 8 through 1/4" bolts, with an extra thickness that looks good and provides extra holding power. Made in the USA from DFARS compliant 12L14 Low Carbon Steel, then case hardened and black oxide plated for strength, appearance, and a slight corrosion inhibitor.

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