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12L14 Carbon Steel Flat Washer, Plain Finish, 5/16" Hole Size, 0.344" ID, 0.750" OD, 0.125" Nomi

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Beveled Flat Washers (also known as "Williams Washers") are turned from solid bar, and feature a large bevel or chamfer on the top outside edge. Originally manufactured for the dual purpose of protecting assemblers from the sharp edges that are possible with a stamped washer, and also to allow them to orient the washer quickly, these washers have gained popularity for other purposes. Used in construction and architectural applications as an interesting visual part of the design, they offer the strength that is provided by their thickness. A small inner diameter provides a tight fit to bolts, rods, and studs, and eliminates most shifting and vibration of the washer. General industrial, marine, power transmission, and agricultural uses are popular. Manufactured on Lathes from 12L14 Low Carbon Steel, and then case hardened for extra strength, then left plain. Useful for welding this washer to other components, or using it in another manufacturing process. 100% USA made. Available from #10 through 1-1/4" Bolt Size.

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