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BubCap Ultra Home Button Cover 4-Pack

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Toddlers are obsessed with pressing the home button on the iPhone®, iPadTM, and iPod touch®. Unfortunately, pressing the home button takes them right out of the app, where they can wreak havoc on your data. The BubCap adhesive-backed home button cover is the solution to this problem.

BubCaps are made from semi-rigid material, and when affixed as directed, are just rigid enough to keep toddlers from pressing the home button. Yet adults have the hand strength to push the home button through the BubCap. There are two strengths of BubCap to help fit most family's needs. The thicker BubCap Ultra is for older toddlers, older kids, or those children who are extremely driven to press the home button. The BubCap Ultra also tends to work better than the standard BubCap on the iPad, due to a slightly shallower activation depth on the iPad home button. The thicker BubCap Ultra can also be used as a training device, to break your child of the habit of pressing the home button. Once your child stops pressing the home button and starts focusing on the apps, then you can often switch to the standard BubCap, which is much easier for adults to press through.

PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING: BubCaps aren't recommended to be applied over screen protector films. BubCaps may not work with all cases, or may require case removal to install and remove your BubCap. Please look carefully at your case and photos of the BubCap in use to make sure they will work together to your liking. Please be sure you want to order the stiff BubCap Ultra! If you aren't sure, we recommend starting with the BubCap Intro-Pack, which contains regular and Ultra BubCaps. BubCap Ultra are fairly difficult to press through, even for adults, when used on an iPhone or iPod touch.

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