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Fabri Kal 9507090.01 12-Ounce Capacity 3.4 Top Width by 2.4 Bottom Width by 3.8 Height White Pol

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Fabri-Kal Kids Cups are a lightweight, economical polypropylene drink cup alternative to injection molded options. Stock printed Kids Cups feature bright, attractive designs and combo-packed red lids to engage dining children. Kids Cups may also be custom printed and feature a smooth rolled rim for drinking comfort and leak-resistant lid application. Benefits: Durable and shatterproof material. Unsusceptible to flavor or odor transfer. One lid to fit any combination of Kids Cups. Fewer resources used and more economical than injection molded alternatives. Reduced transportation costs and environmental impact. Sturdy and tip-resistant. Large, flat and un-interrupted labeling space for outstanding branding opportunities. Attractive stock printed designs available with no print minimums. Safe and comfortable drinking surface. Leak resistant snap-fit lid application and removal. Outdoor Sports interactive design promotes wellness and a healthy lifestyle. Good Earth theme promote environmental awareness and responsibility. Material: polypropylene; flush fill capacity: 13.16 oz.

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