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Mixed Metal Pebbles Bracelet - Argentium Sterling Silver, 14K Vermeil and Black Gold

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Like the ripples from pebbles skimmed upon the water, layers of contrasting metals form a serene, organic sorority of artful circles. Artist Laura Cardwell layers Argentium sterling silver, 14k gold vermeil and black gold to create a series of "pebbles". The pebbles lie upon an sterling silver chain, oxidized to a dark gunmetal to provide contrast. A sterling silver hook closure completes the creation and allows the bracelet to be adjusted to any length between 6.5" and 8.0". Handcrafted in North Carolina. ~ What is black gold? the dark color of black gold is achieved with the controlled oxidation of 14k gold vermeil. ~ What is 14k gold vermeil? Vermeil is sterling silver that has been plated with gold. ~ What is Argentium sterling silver? Pure sterling silver with an added touch of germanium to inhibit tarnishing

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