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Guitar Pick Display Case & Easel (White 351 Style) 100% MADE IN USA!

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100% Made In The U.S.A.

One Guitar Pick Display Case with Stand (easel). The guitar pick is not included.

Display stand (Easel) color: Black.

Foam Color: White.
Pick Style: 351 (you can see both sides of the pick).

Our holders are manufactured through the process of injection molding using virgin acrylic plastic that contains a non-yellowing agent, which helps maintain the clarity of the holders over time. The white material is produced from a cross linked polyethylene, which is a plastic material. The materials used in the production of our holders and rings are totally inert and PVC free. The holders are professionally die cut in the U.S.A. for a perfect uniform fit. Beware of imitators that cut their holders by hand using a knife or razor! The acrylic pieces can be re-opened if you want to take the pick out of the case.

1. Place the guitar pick (not included) into the foam and then into the smaller acrylic piece.

2. Place the larger acrylic piece on top to act as a cover.

3. Place finished piece on the easel....and enjoy!

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