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12 Pair Snake Wire / Cable USA Made - 24 Gauge Premium Performance (Sold Per Foot)

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Our Snake cable is custom made in the USA to our specifications. This listing is for our 12 pair snake wire
Under The Hood:
All Pair configurations are individually shielded, jacketed and numbered.

Conductors: 24 AWG stranded (7/32) tinned copper conductors.

Insulation: 10mils High Density Polyethylene. O.D. over insulation .044"

Drain Wire (ground): Each pair contains (1) stranded tinned copper drain wire

Pair Shields: Each pair is wrapped with aluminum Mylar with foil side facing in, in contact with the drain wire.

Color Code: Each pair contains (1) Black & (1) White conductor.

Cable Jacket: Nominal Wall: 40 mils of flexible Matte finish PVC. Separated by a tissue paper between the cable core and jacket.

Color: Matte Black

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