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Skinomi TechSkin - Silver Carbon Fiber FILM Shield & Screen Protector for T-Mobile G-Slate + Lif

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About the Carbon Fiber Series The Skinomi Carbon Fiber Series Protector Film is a break-though in mobile protection technology. By utilizing state-of-the-art materials, the film offers effective damage protection without adding additional weight or bulk to your device. Essentially, you get the protection of a durable case without the excess weight. Every Skinomi product is carefully engineered and custom-fit to offer precise fitment for maximum protection and style. At just .1 millimeters thick, the Carbon Fiber skin is virtually weightless, yet incredibly strong and nearly impenetrable. The elegant film looks and feels like real, grade-A carbon fiber. It is not just a print, but texturally identical to threaded carbon fiber for that high-end look and feel. Installation Installing the Skinomi Carbon Fiber Film is easy and does not require liquid. The adhesive-side of the skin is specially engineered with a grid-like pattern that allows air bubbles to escape. This grid helps the skin adhere completely to the device by extracting gaps and pockets of air, which in turn prevents peeling. The Skinomi Carbon Fiber Series Protector Film is high-quality protective film and not a case. Key Features Easy installation - Carbon Fiber Film does not require liquid or solution Durability - Grade-A materials and unique adhesive properties create a longer lasting protective solution Design - Precision manufacturing preserves your device's original design and does not affect its functions Added Bonus - Kit includes the Original TechSkin Screen Protector which is visually invisible and does not yellow or fade Made in the USA Skinomi Kit Includes: Skinomi Carbon Fiber Series Film Protector Skinomi TechSkin Screen Protector Installation Solution for Screen Protector Installation Card Lifetime Warranty

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