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Pibbs 1098 Dryer & Chair Combo

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This is a Brand New X-TRA HOT Dryer and PIBBS Dryer Chair included as one set. The Pibbs 1098 Dryer Chair is an Open Base Dryer Chair that is classically-styled to work perfectly in any salon. This Dryer chair is extremely durable and is made with superior construction for your clients comfort. The plywood box frame features thick upholstered armrests. The cut-out accommodates most all salon dryers. This chair is very affordable yet very good-looking and efficient in the salon. The Chair dimensions are Height: 31" Depth: 30"
Width: 27.5". The X-TRA HOT dryer is 980 watts, it has a timer and a temperature control with 4 settings. Rated at 8 - 8.5 Amps. UL and CSA approved. Thermostat Settings: Low-85 to 90 degrees, Medium-98 to 110 degrees, Perm 140 degrees plus. BTU/Hr. - 3344 Air Velocity: 375/400 CFM Dimensions: The hood arm has a range of 2.25" (lowest) to 11" (highest). Black base dimensions:Approximately 12.25" wide by 23.75" high by 6.50" deep. Hood inside diameter: 12.25" Manufactured in the USA. Please email us at [email protected] or call us at 706-351-1157 with any questions.

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