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Katinkas Soft Cover for Apple iPhone 3G/3GS Circle - Black - Skin - Retail Packaging

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KATINKAS - Your World Reflected! You have a brand new Smart Phone and want to keep having fun with it as long as possible? Simply protect it with the KATINKAS casing from shabby scratches and damages of all kinds. Touching the precious surface is fun every time. The high standard of manufacturing stands for the longevity of the product. The design cover persuades through easy access and its high functionality. It allows direct accessibility to the touch- screen of your Smartphone, its controls as well as the headphones connector. Additionally it provides openings for the microphone, the camera and the docking station. This custom-made case fits your device perfectly and protects it reliably without weighing a lot. The design cover is simply clipped onto the Smartphones back and can be removed just as easily. Material: TPU (polyurethane), comfortably smooth, bendable and precious material. TPU is a very robust, resistant, washable and microbiotic resistant plastic, manufactured to fit perfectly, open access to all connectors and the camera. The ideal protection against scratches, dust and splash water Roundup: access to all controls and the docking connector, custom-made fit, opening for the cameras lens, charging the device within the casing possible, openings for the headset connector and the microphone. The design covers are available in various different colors and designs. To be suited for every occasion get 2 or 3 design covers and exchange them to your liking.

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