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TuffDuck "Wood is Good" Firewood Apron (7-10WG). The more comfortable way to transport firewood.

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The TuffDuck Firewood Backsaver Apron is a simple but highly effective aid for transporting firewood. This innovative apron is better for your body, and better for getting the task done.

The Backsaver is engineered to be ergonomic. This means the weight of the load is centered on your body and distributed between your arms and shoulders. Centering and weight-distribution are ergonomic methods that have been applied for thousands of years. The benefits of the Backsaver's ergonomic design include:

Walking - never again struggle with carrying bags of pellets with your bare hands or carrying a basket one-handed. Walk with ease, with the weight supported equally by your shoulders. Loading - grab bags of pellets with one hand while holding your Backsaver with your other hand. Avoid problems with doors - maintain your balance and a free hand for turning doorknobs. Stay clean - conveniently functions as an apron, protecting your clothes from dirty bags of pellets.

Backsavers are constructed from extra-durable American-made Black Polyester Army Duck Nylon. Better than cotton - the same tough-weave fabric used for

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