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Itay 100% Mineral Foundation MF1 'Cream Marfil' + 8-stack 100% Mineral Eyeshadow 'Carribean Samb

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ITAY Mineral Eye Shimmer: Elegant, attractive 100% all-natural mineral eye colors shimmer shades cling to eyelids and will not crease or fade all day or night with our water resistant formula. Colors can be applied dry or wet to activate a more intense effect that will enhance the natural beauty of your eye color. They can also be used as fabulous eyeliners to perfectly match your eye shadow blends! ITAY Mineral Beauty Eye Primer: ITAY Eye primer is a wonderful and waterproof way to go from a shimmering to softer matte look. It intensifies and lengthens the life of your ITAY mineral eye shadows, smooths out your natural skin tones for a beautiful skin texture, and still completely avoids any smudging, creasing, or fading. This eye foundation will last all day, even for seriously active lifestyles! ITAY Mineral Foundation: ITAY 100% mineral foundation powder will provide you with the flawless, glowing look you desire. This oil- powder will enhance natural beauty while protecting your skin with anti-inflammatory antioxidants including zinc and green tea. It is even safe to use over acne, rosacea, and redness and will let your skin breathe without clogging pores. ITAY Mineral Blush: Emphasize and accentuate your cheekbones with ITAY 100% Beauty Mineral Blush. Achieve a healthy glow and excellent coverage with a glamorous touch of color that won't fade throughout the day. ITAY mineral blush also provides skin protection with SPF 15 properties. Choose from a variety of shades to compliment any skin tone and achieve maximum glamor. MADE IN USA

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