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PC Stitch 10

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The ultimate cross-stitchpattern design softwareProductInformationPC Stitch 10 allows you to import your own graphics photos orprofessional logos into a flexible easy-to-use workspace to createone-of-a-kind cross-stitch designs.  This program's greatcross-stitch features range from adjustable panels specialty stitchesand extensive libraries to creating your own instructions and optimizedprinting - all customizable to satisfy your individual creative needs. PC Stitch 10 is easy to use and includes unmatched support ofbasic and specialty stitches.  Taking you from designing tostitching with a flexible workspace and outstanding printingcapabilities PC Stitch 10 lets you create simple or plexcross-stitch patterns with sophisticated yet easy-to-use functionality.New and Improved Includes Over 2000 Individual Designs and Over 90Stitched Alphabets - PC Stitch has arranged with JeanteCrews Designs to include all of the library patterns and alphabetsformerly associated with the Pattern Pieces with PC Stitch 10 at noadditional charge. Share Your Designs with the Community of PC StitchUsers - Join the growing munity of PC Stitch users toshare patterns you have created using the PC Stitch 10 software withoutever leaving the program. Improved Available Floss List Panel -The available list panel now allows you to use different list stylesand sorting options to maximize the area showing the flosses you canadd to your design palette. PatternsOnline. Interface -PatternsOnline. users can now access their accounting and purchasedpatterns directly from within the PC Stitch 10 program. Stamped Cross Stitch Printing - You canprint a reverse image of your designs for use with transfer paper tocreate stamped cross stitch or needlepoint projects. Integrated Floss Editor - The flosseditor is no longer a separate program; you can now access it directlyfrom the menu in PC Stitch 10. WIA Scanning Interface - You can nowimport directly from any WIA patible device as we

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