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12oz CJ's BUTTer Tub o' BUTTer - Unscented

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CJs BUTTer Tub o BUTTerOriginally designedas anall-natural less expensive alternative to the ointments you find ona typical grocery store shelf CJs formula is cloth diaperfriendly. CJs BUTTer is soothing for baby and also aids in the easy smoothclean-up of dirty cloth diapers.CJs Tub o CJs BUTTer has o so many uses! CJs BUTTer has been used on adults and children to help relieve eczema rashes dry/chapped skin rug burns sore crawler knees mechanics hands and cuticles hang nails and more.Available unscented and in a variety of scents. Unscented is recommended for sensitive skin. 12 ounces.My Pixie PieNamed after CJs pet name for her littlegirlA beautiful mixture of cherries toasted almonds and finished with a touchof vanilla and coconut this sweet fragrance is aptly named. BOTTOMLINE A princess in pink with some fairy wings and a tutupoisedand readyto tackle big brother when the mood strikes.Warm Vanilla CakeQuite simply the richest most buttery vanillain the entire universe!Oatmeal Milk & HoneyThis blend is a perfect marriage of oatmealmilk and honey mellow soothing with just a hint of sweetness the comfortfood of fragrance.Pink Sugar This best-seller begins with notes of sweet sugary lemon drops and pink cottoncandy. A fruity-floral middle of red fruit fig leaves caramel and raspberryleads to a sweet vanilla-musk base. BOTTOM LINE Heres your chance to smelllike sugar Sugar!Mango Sugar MintSweet ripe notes of mango with thetiniest kiss of mint to keep things crisp and fresh. Its a 12 oz. tub.

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