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2xsc USA Made Universal Small Clamp Bluetooth Ear Hook Loop Clip Replacement Clear Motorola

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These hooks are a universal type made to fit as many Bluetooth models as possible. They may not have the same look and feel as your OEM ear hook, but will still function as they should. These will also work on some models that didn't offer a ear hook option (your mileage may vary follow the guidelines below). These hooks are proudly made in the USA and use a better plastic than the OEM hooks that were much more brittle. These hooks do not swivel like some models do.
If these hooks fail for any reason return them for a full refund with feedback and your model. Please check your model below for compatibility or order a combo pack with one of each that will fit 95% of Bluetooth models.

Small Clamp - 1/4" (6mm) diameter post

IPHONE metal evolution bluetrek
Motorola H 12 15 270 371 375 385 390 560 620 680 681 685 690 695 780 790 N136 HK 100 200 201 202
Samsung Wep 490 650 750 850 870 HM 1000 1100 3500

Samsung Modus HM3500
LG HBM 210 230 235 310 330 520 530 550 560 570 585 730 750 760 770 800
Plantronics 925 975 M100 MX100
Jawbone Icon and many others.

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